Our Next 100 Years Starts from This Year, This Day, and This Single Step Forward 若林常夫 Tsuneo Wakabayashi President and Representative Director

In its over 100-year history, the Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group has offered fulfilling lifestyles to people and has contributed to the creation of attractive towns and cities by railway lines.

In April of 2018, Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp.was created as an integrated real estate developer in order to utilize the expertise and unique qualities that have been cultivated by each company in our group while also making the greatest use of our group's collective strength.

Our next 100 years starts from this year, this day, and this single step forward.
We will always face our customers and continue to deliver “value that exceeds expectaitons” to each and every person without ceasing our journey forward.
We hope that you continue your patronage and also hope that you extend even greater support to our company and group now and in the future.

若林常夫 Tsuneo Wakabayashi President and Representative Director
As of April 1, 2019
Name of Company Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp.
Representative Tsuneo Wakabayashi
Head Office Hankyu Terminal Bldg., 1-1-4 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka
Established February 17, 1947
Paid-in Capital 12.426 billion Yen
Fiscal Year-End March 31
Lines of Business Leasing of office and commercial facilities, real estate development, area management,
real estate funds, condominium, housing, and residential land sales, brokerage, remodeling,
rental management, land use, etc.
Number of Employees Approx.800
Affiliated Companies Hankyu Hanshin Building Management Co.,Ltd.
Hankyu Hanshin REIT Asset Management,Inc.
Hankyu Hanshin Estate Service Co.,Ltd.
Hankyu Hanshin Real Estate Investment Advisors,Inc.
Osaka Diamond Chikagai Co.,Ltd.
Hankyu Hanshin Housing Support Ltd. ,and others
Primary Group Memberships The Real Estate Companies Association of Japan
The Association of Real Estate Agents of Japan
The Association for Real Estate Securitization
Japan Building Owners and Managers Association
Real Estate Fair Trade Council ,and others
Registrations and Licenses Residential Building Broker,Minister of Land,Infrastructure and Transport(15)No.395
Construction Contractor, Construction Business,
Osaka Prefectural Governor's Permit(Special-29)No.12155
Construction Contractor, Civil Engineering Business,
Osaka Prefectural Governor's Permit(General-29)No.12155
First-Class Architectural Office, Osaka Governor(Wa)No.2393
Registered Real Estate Appraiser, Osaka Governor(1)No.869
Type II Financial Products Business,Kinki Local Finance Bureau(Kinsyou)No.192
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